Nail and Wellbeing Treatments in Offices

We offer a number of different treatments, all reflecting our busy clients’ needs to feel and look good. And perhaps most importantly, our onsite service conveniently complements a busy working week without our clients ever having to step foot outside of their office.

Today, more than ever, businesses are looking to provide something a little bit special for their employees, showing how much they value their contribution to the organisation.  We find that by allowing your employees a little bit of “me” time every once in a while, that they develop a sense of loyalty that far outweighs the small sacrifice in time a small treatment requires.

We’d love to show you what we can do. All we need from your office is a small area or corner to set up our discreet pop up nail and wellbeing treatment bar.  And we’re so convinced you’ll love our service that you’ll want to rebook us for regular visits to your location on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. 

Of course, it’s easy for us to say that.  Thankfully, as you will see, our clients agree



How does it work?

Unlike many other services, we take real pride in developing a personal relationship with our clients. We know that sometimes it isn’t easy to stick to an appointment when you have a busy and easily changed working schedule.  We’ve been in the corporate world ourselves, so we know that things can change very quickly. It is because of this that we don’t have an online booking system. When you arrange a treatment with us, you will do it with a person, not a computer, so we can ensure you get the right time for you.  It’s a flexible and personal approach that has made us very popular with our current clients.

If you’d like to book us for your office, or just find out a little bit more about our services, then we’d love to hear from you.  Just get in touch using the details on the contact page.


A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Pamper Puff understand the importance of time management and know how difficult it is to find some "Me'" time when you have a busy career. We pride ourselves on creating the perfect work life balance by bringing our Pop Up Nail Bar into your corporate setting. Our manicure and wellbeing services are efficient and discreet and can be easily fitted into to your working week, allowing you to keep your weekends for you.


We understand the importance of wellness and health in the office which is why we also offer stress relieving massage to suit your individual requirements. One of the most common problems we find with office staff is carpal tunnel syndrome which is a result of the compression of nerves, generally caused from typing. We have put together a hand and arm massage specifically aimed to relieve this strain leaving the employee feeling relaxed and ready to get back to work.

The Guardian

“It’s been an absolute pleasure hosting Pamper Puff at the Guardian, the team have become a real fixture. They spend a day a week with us, are always fully booked and consistently add some cheer to the working week. They are incredibly professional, sociable and diligent. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Richard Furness
Director of Publishing, the Guardian

Established 2014

Merchant Square

"At Merchant Square, we are proud of hosting Pamper Puff at our building. The service based in the reception of 5 Merchant Square is very well received by all of our occupants and this has only increased further over the years. With excellent customer service and as a great addition to the offerings at Merchant Square; we hope to continue this great partnership with Pamper Puff. ”

 Rosie Sheriff, Building Manager, 5 Merchant Square

Established 2013

The Gherkin

“Pamper Puff take all the stress away from me as the service organiser by doing everything that they promise! They love what they do and provide a super service that all the users rave about. We are lucky enough to have a weekly service in our building which makes everyone’s life super easy”

Kerry Wilson, Operations Manager, St Mary Axe Management Ltd

Established 2018


Office Treatment List

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