Rosie McCaughey & Scarlett Narcisse 

We are Rosie and Scarlett, a couple of busy working mums with a wealth of experience in the beauty industry, something we are incredibly passionate about. We were happy with our working lives, but not long into our careers we soon realised that there was a very clear and distinct area of the market that just wasn’t catered for.  For those people with busy working lives, and often even busier weekend family lives, the ability to look after themselves was a real problem.  Combine this with the ever-increasing trend for employers to offer on-site perks for their hard-working employees, in 2012, with some help from the wonderful Prince’s Trust, Pamper Puff was born.  And we haven’t looked back since.  

We very much practice what we preach. We both juggle a young family and work, and we understand the importance of self-care and giving yourself some time. It’s the driving force behind Pamper Puff and our success.” Scarlett Narcisse, Co Founder 

"When you are trying to build a career, you often get weighed down by your commitments and the last thing you want to do on your weekends is spend hours away from your friends and family. We also understand the importance of allowing yourself some time mid-week to get away from your desk and to give yourself a rest from your computer screen.  Even if it’s just  20 minutes, that "Me" time can make all the difference to the quality of your work and day." Rosie McCaughey, Co Founder